The Board and The Founders

Dr. Beate Kummer and Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti

The founding couple Dr. Beate Kummer and Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti live in Rhineland- and have been involved in environmental and climate protection issues for years. Together they have 5 children and with the family and the foundation they now also want to address an audience interested in art in order to draw attention to the relevant survival issues of mankind.

Dr. Beate Kummer

Founder and Vice Chairman of the Board

Beate Kummer is a natural scientist and works as an entrepreneur and expert in the environmental and energy sector. In the foundation she takes care of contact management, internet presence and particularly outstanding environmental projects.

Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti

Founder and Chairman of the Board

After working for a member of the German parliament for 5 years, Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti first worked as a judge at the labor court in Oberhausen. He then moved to the energy and waste disposal industry, where he worked for more than 20 years at management and board level. Most recently, he was Chief Human Resources Officer at Eon AG. Today, he still works as a labor lawyer and on several supervisory and advisory boards of energy companies, as well as in numerous honorary functions. Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti is particularly interested in climate protection and is an art collector. With the foundation, he and his wife would like to make a small contribution to sustainable environmental protection and use art as a medium to make more people experience the need to protect our natural resources.