Maltese-German Afforestation Project in the Majistral Nature and History Park

 Press Release Kummer-Vanotti-Foundation

Date: October 28th, 2021

Maltese-German Afforestation Project in the Majistral Nature and History Park

Today the Kummer-Vanotti-Foundation signed a Collaborative Agreement with the Heritage Parks Federation planting 3500 trees in the Majjistral Park within the next 4 years. The project was initiated by Dr. Miriam Dalli, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development and supported by the German Ambassador in Malta, Walter Haßmann. In the next few years, various trees and bushes will be planted in a total of 3 designated areas with the financial support of the German foundation in order to improve the local microclimate.

The Kummer-Vanotti-Foundation is a private German foundation set up by Dr. Beate Kummer and her husband Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti. The non-profit foundation supports projects that deal with environmental and climate protection projects like afforestation projects. The founders of the foundation have set themselves the goal of making a contribution to improving the environment. In addition, they want to promote environmental art, as long as the art has a connection to environmental issues.

Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti, CEO of the Kummer-Vanotti foundation, stated: “We live for almost 10 years part-time on Gozo and enjoy Maltese landscapes. Afforestation will improve the climate in Malta and reduce CO2 emission. My wife and I are delighted that Miriam Dalli offered us a possibility to make Malta greener and even more beautiful”.




Dr. Beate Kummer /Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti