The Art Award

The Kummer-Vanotti Foundation will present an annual “Environment & Art Award”.

The aim of this award is to use art as a means to motivate civil society and politics to do more for a sustainable protection of our environment and climate. This award is to be given to an emerging artist who creates a work of art that addresses a particularly relevant environmental issue in an artistically outstanding way. The challenging and unique work should thus contribute to the further development of sustainable environmental and climate protection.

The jury and other experts will propose the artists who will receive the call for entries. The award is endowed with 20 000 €. The winners will produce the artwork for the prize money and donate it to the Kummer-Vanotti Foundation. The Foundation will bear the costs of transport and installation of the artwork at a location to be identified on the island of Grafenwerth.

The artist will be selected by a jury of 7. The two board members of the Kummer-Vanotti Foundation will participate in the jury meetings in an advisory capacity. The jury consists of members from the environmental field and members from the artistic field. The requested artists* submit a portfolio (digital) with a project proposal. Sculptures that have already been produced can also participate in the competition. The submitted designs will be publicly exhibited. The requested artists agree to the use of the provided personal and other data for the competition and a publication.

In 2020 there will be a limited call for entries.

If necessary, a gallery may be found that offers to represent the winning artist(s).